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Photography zines by Lee Jones.


Signed & Limited Edition of 20.

"I don't use phone boxes. Not since a couple of years ago when my parents bollocked me for reverse charging a phonecall in an emergency because I was stranded somewhere in the pissing wet and cold and my phone was dead."

When was the last time you looked at a phone box. Like, properly? Keep an eye out, they may no longer be used very often in the traditional sense, but they are ever evolving works of art. Well, either that or they're just a state.

CVNTED: A Nightlife Zine

Signed & Limited Edition of 100.

A social documentary collection of mostly candid street photographs of booze-fueled and often violent nightlife of a typically quiet english seaside town, Scarborough.

"His pictures give a glimpse into the realities of contemporary English nightlife – both the boozy, good-natured hedonism, and the darker side that all too often appears after a few too many." -

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